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If you are looking to join our internal team as a Resource Manager, Account Manager, Proposal Manager or Financial Officer, set the category filter to  “internal”.

Position Job # Location Type
Agile Coach #4085 Vancouver Contract
Agile Coach #4055 Toronto Contract
Business Analyst #4041 Toronto Contract
Business Analyst #4071 Vancouver Contract
Business Intelligence Developer #4046 Toronto Contract
Business Intelligence Developer #4076 Vancouver Contract
Change Manager #4082 Vancouver Contract
Change Manager #4052 Toronto Contract
Cloud Engineer #4089 Vancouver Contract
Data Analyst #4090 Vancouver Contract
Data Scientist #4045 Toronto Contract
Data Scientist #4075 Vancouver Contract
Help Desk Analyst #4058 Toronto Contract
Helpdesk Analyst #4088 Vancouver Contract
Network Engineer #4049 Toronto Contract
Network Engineer #4079 Vancouver Contract
Product Manager #4051 Toronto Contract
Product Manager #4081 Vancouver Contract
Product Owner #4050 Toronto Contract
Product Owner #4080 Vancouver Contract
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Contractor referral program

Type 1: Referring a consultant to an existing opportunity

Bonus: $500 referral bonus

Conditions: referral bonus paid out 3 months after the referred consultant has been billing from Corp to Corp, at a minimum of 25 hours per week, in their new position.

Please speak with an iFathom recruiter for further details.