Sustainability Policy

As an environmentally conscious organization, iFathom is committed to promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of our business. We recognize the importance of protecting the planet for future generations and are committed to continuously improving our sustainability efforts.

Our sustainability policy outlines our commitment to environmental responsibility, and our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, preserving natural resources, and supporting sustainable practices.

Environmental Responsibility:

iFathom is an established staffing company who partners with clients to assist them in navigating and adapting to the rapidly changing labour markets. iFathom is committing to Net-Zero by 2050 at our Ottawa headquarters.

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing waste, and promoting sustainable practices. We aim to minimize our environmental impact through:

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: We will work towards reducing our carbon footprint by adopting energy-efficient practices, investing in renewable energy sources, and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Waste Reduction: We will aim to reduce waste by implementing recycling and composting programs, minimizing paper usage, and encouraging the use of reusable containers and materials.
  • Sustainable Practices: We will promote sustainable practices such as the use of eco-friendly products and services, reducing water consumption, and minimizing our impact on natural habitats.
  • Education and Awareness: We will provide education and training to our employees on sustainability practices and raise awareness among our clients and partners about the importance of environmental responsibility.

Social Responsibility:

We are committed to promoting social sustainability by conducting our business with integrity, promoting diversity and inclusion, and supporting the communities in which we operate. We aim to promote social sustainability through:

  • Fair Labor Practices: We will maintain fair labor practices in all aspects of our business, including hiring, compensation, and employee development.
    Diversity and Inclusion: We will promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace, and ensure that all employees are treated with respect and dignity.
  • Community Engagement: We will support the communities in which we operate through charitable giving, volunteering, and other forms of community engagement.

Economic Responsibility:

We are committed to promoting economic sustainability by conducting our business with transparency and accountability, and supporting ethical business practices. We aim to promote economic sustainability through:

  • Ethical Business Practices: We will conduct our business with integrity, transparency, and accountability, and ensure that all of our business practices are ethical and responsible.
  • Supply Chain Sustainability: We will work with our suppliers to ensure that they meet our standards for sustainability, and promote sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.

We will measure our progress towards achieving our sustainability goals through regular audits, monitoring our carbon footprint, and reporting our progress publicly.

We are committed to continuously improving our sustainability efforts and reducing our impact on the environment. We will regularly review and update our sustainability policy to ensure that we are meeting our commitments and making a positive contribution towards a sustainable future.