IT Staffing Services

We are an established IT staffing company who partner with clients to assist them in navigating and adapting to Canada’s rapidly changing labour markets.

Within each market we serve, iFathom has built qualified talent pools to ensure our clients have timely access to top talent. 

We support our clients on both urgent requirements to augment specific projects with contractors and subject matter experts and in support of our clients’ permanent requirements by sourcing full-time employees that will grow with your teams and fit seamlessly within your corporate culture.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the technology market which allows us to have quality resources to meet niche requirements quickly and efficiently. We build customized and dedicated talent pools for our clients and utilize partnerships with our technology vendors to ensure the highest quality consultants are readily available with minimal downtime for our clients. Our strict screening process ensures all candidates are vetted prior to being submitted.


Our core purpose is to connect our partners with the talent they need, when they need it.

We can do this for our clients because we are relentlessly sourcing the best talent, in every market, across every line of business and within every niche. We invest a great deal of effort in proactively sourcing, assessing, developing, and managing talent so that we can provide our partners with talent quickly — without compromising quality.

Trusted Advisor

Every leader throughout time has had a trusted advisor and we fill that advisory role for our clients when it comes to building a workforce management solution.

Our dedicated teams invest their time to learn the nuances of your business and project teams. We prioritize the importance of understanding the challenges you face, the culture of your business and the business problems you are trying solve. Learning about these intricacies allows us to source talent that not only has the skills and expertise required to help you solve your business problems but additional have the qualitative assets that will compliment your existing culture.

My favourite part is the excitement we build with our internal recruiters, consultants, and delivery teams on new opportunities and wins across our organization

Waseem Husainy
Managing Director

Relationship Driven Recruiting

Top talent places their trust in people, not technology. Our recruiting strategy relies on building relationships with talent and fostering that relationship to ensure our clients are able to seamlessly onboard the best talent.

Our dedicated team of Recruiters meet with in-demand talent and hard-to-find talent on a daily basis in order to deliver talent to our clients quickly. The relationship that the Recruiter builds with these in-demand individuals allows Recruiters to assess the talent beyond quantitative skills and disclose the talent’s values, expectations and drive. We believe this added analysis is critical. Highly skilled candidates with spot-on experience can turn out to be disastrous hires if they do not have the same values as your existing team. The relationship we create allows us to ensure that the talent we put forth will be the best fit for your team in all facets.

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