The Importance of Recruiters for a Thriving Contingent Workforce

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Contingent Workforce Canada IT Career

Technology has disrupted nearly every industry over the past few decades. Uber has put countless taxi companies out of business. Cryptocurrency has led everyone to question the durability of national currencies. Amazon brings almost everything a consumer needs to their doorstep within days. 


Meanwhile, Facebook and Google haven’t merely changed global communication networks…they’ve reconfigured the terms of daily human interaction.


Currently, the US tech industry is worth a combined $1.6 trillion USD. For a talent pool that’s increasingly upskilling to fill positions in this ever-evolving sector, that spells opportunity.


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A growing contingent workforce means more flexibility than ever for talent. Recruiters are needed to help them navigate a new frontier.


Which brings us to another world-altering change. One that is rarely explored by mainstream news outlines. Yet, its impact is already being felt by employers and talent alike. It harkens back to a common piece of advice that became outdated a generation ago…when sticking to the same company for decades will lead to a good life.


We’re talking about the rise of the contingent workforce. AKA, casual workers that operate under contracts. 


In 2020, roughly 25-30 percent of the US workforce fell into this category. COVID caused this number to spike to 40 percent. Is this a trend? Employers don’t think so. “More than 80 percent of large corporations plan to substantially increase their use of a flexible workforce in coming years.” Pulled from an Intuit 2020 report, this quote speaks volumes about the future of work. 


Freelancing is no longer a status associated with amateurs, or professionals aspiring to be something more. The number of Canadian freelance workers grew by 71% in 2021. In the US, the total number of full-time freelancers grew from 8% to 36%. A large portion of this group works remotely and, despite what some executives think, not all of them want to return to the office. 


And, here’s the thing: they won’t have to. Going forward, talent will have more choices than ever as power shifts away from employers. In fact, workers will have trouble identifying worthy employment prospects as companies rework their talent acquisition strategies. 

That’s where recruiters come in. Just as travel agents used to cater vacations to their client’s preferences, recruiters can find casual, contract-based opportunities that meet a worker’s unique tastes. Want the flexibility to work from home 3-4 times a week? Done. How about a position that offers benefits to its temporary team members. Done.


To take advantage of this change and embark on a career with boundless opportunity, reach out to iFathom today. 

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