5 Ways I.T. Professionals Can Leverage Recruiters to Find their Next Contract

January 18, 2022

Professional athletes don’t pick up the phone and negotiate contracts themselves. No, they let their agents and managers handle this task. 

Why? Because athletes aren’t trained to deal with everything that comes with signing a deal, they rely on their agents who are experts in this area to handle this on their behalf. 

Just as world-class athletes rely on others to handle their contracts, seasoned I.T. professionals benefit from relying on recruiters to secure their next contract. According to Forbes, in 2021 businesses consecutively increased their reliance on I.T. recruiters to fill their I.T. positions month over month. 

Simply put: athletes don’t waste time searching and negotiating their contracts. So, why would I.T. professionals?

I.T. professionals looking for your next contract: here are 5 actions you can take to leverage recruiters when searching for that next opportunity.

  1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Be sure to include contact info and regularly check your messages on the platform.

  1. Be Honest About What You Want

Recruiters can help you land that dream contract…but only if you’re honest about what that looks like for you.

  1. Identify What Type of Work You’re After

Are you interested in a full-time position? Or, are you into that contract-based, contingent lifestyle? If your recruiter doesn’t specialize in your preference, they can refer you to a colleague who does.

  1. Understand That Recruiters Are Experts

Ask them any questions you have about the current hiring climate. Recruiters earn their living by becoming experts at navigating the path that lands you an ideal contract. Tap into their knowledge.

  1. Treat Phone Calls Like Interviews

The more professional and dialed-in you are when speaking with a recruiter, the easier it’ll be for them to identify your strengths and showcase you to potential employers.

I.T. contractors who follow these tips should have little trouble securing their next contract in a position that suits them perfectly. 

Reach out if you’re on the hunt so we can help you find that next contract!