Four Reasons to Engage iFathom for Help Finding your Next Contract

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I.T. Consultants Recruiter

If you’re an established I.T. consultant, you shouldn’t be wasting your time looking for work.

Your skills are in demand and Canada’s rapidly-growing tech sector needs your guidance.

Consultants: Here are four reasons why you should let iFathom take care of the search for your next contract.


IT Recruiter IT Consultant

Seasoned I.T. consultants are wise to let recruiters handle the hunt for a new opportunity.

1) We have 30 years of experience filling contingent labour positions

Past success is a good indicator of future success, and we’ve serviced hundreds of clients across Canada for three decades. As a result, we’re no strangers to helping I.T. professionals thrive in an environment where contract-based work is becoming more common.

2) The size of our firm benefits consultants

We’re small enough to care, but big enough to make an impact. Our boutique nature means consultants come first.

3) We are perennial Great Place to WorkⓇ award winners

Stop relying on recruiters who aren’t satisfied with their employer. We have a track record of fostering a supportive company culture. Our awards cabinet is proof that consultants work exclusively with passionate, driven recruiters.

4) People over revenue

While most organizations pride themselves on revenue, we prioritize a different key performance indicator. We pride ourselves on how many people we impact by partnering them with the right clients.

If you’re an experienced I.T. professional in search of your next contract, we encourage you to reach out.

Stop wasting your time on job boards and spend more time putting your skills to use!

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